Friday, May 1, 2015

Two Great Projects Going On!

Here are ELC our students and teachers have been creating content like never before! I am so excited as to how far we have come in the past two years! Two awesome projects going on right now that I can't wait to share out the final projects are:

1. Iowa History ~ 5th Grade ~ Landmarks
Students are using PicMonkey, ThingLink and Google Maps to showcase their Landmark. Students get to choose their landmark and then report out on it. The projects are coming together so well. Mrs. Reeves and I got the idea from the My Tech Adventure Website. We modified to meet the needs of Mrs. Reeves and her classes. As soon as we finish up these projects, we will be sharing them with our community and others around the world!

2. Persuasive Newscasts ~ High School Speech
Students are creating newscasts using a green screen and the iPad App TouchCast. Mrs. White and I rolled this out today to the students and they are flying with it! We even had the students teaching us, which was GREAT! These won't be done for a few weeks but as soon as they are finished we will be sharing them.

Our teachers here at ELC are doing some amazing things and I am only highlighting a couple here. We have come along way and still have things to work on but we are improving each day. I am so proud of our staff and how they have embraced integrating technology into their classroom purposefully. We have only just begun!

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