Friday, October 3, 2014

It is a Mindset, Not an Age Thing

Image Credit: Google for Education Newsletter
Many times as I work with adults I hear them say, "I am old and it is hard for me to learn these new technology things or I am too old to do this or yadayada." I don't believe it is an age thing, it is a Mindset.

Are you willing to open your mind and see the world that our students live in? Are you willing to teach today's student in today's technology driven society? Are you willing to let go of your old practices that you used 5, 10, 15 years ago?

Check out Sister Rosemarie DeLauro (pictured on the left), who has been teaching for more than 60 years. I received the 1st ever Google for Education Newsletter a couple of days ago and she is the educator spotlight. Age doesn't limit you but your mind does!

I understand that it is not going to be easy and flawless. It is okay to take risks and make mistakes if it is going to better our students' learning. Relax and enjoy the ride. Our students today have so much to contribute to the world they live in. Give them opportunities to Create, Collaborate, Communicate with the World!

Check out how Google Classroom is being used in her school here.

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