Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just the Beginning......

Well, it has been a while since I last posted on my blog and many cool things have been happening here at ELC!

At the high school, we now have 5 carts of Samsung Chromebooks. Although we had some network issues during the first few weeks, we feel we are making progress and making the necessary adjustments to rectify these issues. So I want to brag about what some of our teachers are doing!!!

Image Source: Eric Sheninger: @e_sheninger 
Mrs. Wheatley (English Department) has been using the Chromebooks from day 1. She has a big project going on in her Advanced Communications class that has the students creating an online portfolio of their work. What a great way for them to showcase what they are learning and who they are. This is definitely something they can use beyond their years at the high school. She is also piloting the Chromecast to see how that will work in the classroom. This will definitely make her mobile as she is teaching instead of stuck back in the corner.

Mrs. Turner (Science Department) has her Biotechnology students doing some great things also. She created one Google Presentation and shared it with the class. Then the students were to add their information to the presentation and place the contents in chronological order while all collaborating on the same document at the same time! Students were put in charge of their own learning and will be teaching each other on the various concepts!

Mrs. Hanson (Spanish) reviewed with her class using a website called Kahoot! This proved to be a great way to actively involve all students in her class and reviewing for an assessment.

Ms. Schnoes (Business Department) has just started using Google Classroom with one of her classes. She is also piloting this to see how it can benefit our students.

We are starting a Chrome Cadre here at the high school where a small group of teachers will get together once a week to work on all things Chrome. I am very excited about this group and know it will greatly benefit our teachers and students.

I know there are many other teachers doing wonderful things and I will continue to update you on them! I am so proud to work with the teachers here at ELC. Many are very willing to try new things to enhance their student's learning.


  1. I would be interested in knowing how they are creating the online portfolio

    1. We are using Google Sites to pull together their portfolio. We are about a week into the project and it seems to be working great. Right now the students are pulling together the self awareness piece. We have started discussions on how students can create an English portfolio as a 9th grader and watch their progression as a writer, etc throughout their high school career.

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  3. Thanks for sharing Jenny! Keep up the good work!