Monday, February 3, 2014

Reflections from the iPad Summit MN

Saturday was a great day of learning for a team of teachers from ELC! We spent the day at Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, MN at the iPad Summit. The summit was put on by Flipped Education. The summit was "gamified". We had the opportunity to earn digital badges and stickers throughout the day. So fun! Something that could definitely be done with our professional learning or with our students. They used a free service called "Credly" to award the badges to attendees. I was able to earn 4 digital badges and 4 stickers.

We started the day off by listening to the inspirational Jennie Magiera. Her focus on was on the outcome of learning and not the device. We need to let students create. This is a great way to empower our students. As teachers we can differentiate so that our students are not embarrassed by being a low learner. What a great way to increase the confidence in our students. She also touched on giving our students a voice. We can give our students a voice through blogging and video creation to name a couple.

After the keynote, Jennie Magiera, we were fortunate enough to have time to attend four breakout sessions. Once again it is always hard to pick from the breakout sessions because there are so many great ones available. My favorite session was titled "Layered Learning". David Freeburg from St. Paul Public Schools talked about using the iPad and layering apps for more complex learning. Our challenge was to pick 3 apps and create a layered learning experience. My idea was for teachers that use PWIM strategy. Students would use the camera on the iPad to take a picture of something around them could be inside the school or outside of the school. The students then take the picture and use Skitch to annotate the picture with the vocabulary words. Then the students use Book Creator or My Story to create a story with their words. You could even add another app Drawing Pad for the students to create their drawings for their story. Think about a way you can layer your students learning by using a variety of apps to create complex learning.

So many things to be excited about and I can not wait to share our learning with the staff at ELC. I was fortunate to be surrounded by 7 other teachers and an administrator that were just as excited as me. If you are interested in any of these ideas, let me know. I would love to work with you!

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