Tuesday, February 25, 2014

App Speed Dating with the Elementary Staff

Wednesday's professional development ROCKED! Let me tell you how this all fell into place.........

A group of nine elementary teachers (including the principal and myself) attended the iPad Summit in Minnesota on February 1. Check out my blog post about it here. We learned so much and came back with some awesome ideas! One of the ideas was having an App Speed Dating Professional Development time where our staff could learn from each other. So we put together 7 stations where we had an expert (one of our very own teachers) teach the staff on how to integrate an app into their classroom. Each station lasted approximately 8 minutes and then teachers rotated to the next station. At the end teachers were able to collaborate with each other on how it would look in their classroom.

Here are some pictures:

Overall I think it went awesome and our teachers were thrilled about what they had learned and they had FUN too! Is it okay to learn and have fun at the same time? I THINK SO!

If you were a part of the App Speed Dating PD on February 19, please leave me your comments about the day! I would love to hear from you!

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