Thursday, February 27, 2014

8th Grade Bullying Unit

Breaking Point
Shadow Club
Over the last couple of weeks I have been working with Angela Larson's 8th grade Communications classes on their Bullying Projects. Between the four classes there are two novels that they are reading, Shadow Club and Breaking Point. Students work on their novel and activities one day then their projects on the opposite days. I took one class period and explained some of the tech tools they could choose to use. I gave them just a couple minute overview and did not go in detail step by step. I believe they just need a little exposure to the tools and then they fly from there. Here is the list that Mrs. Larson and myself compiled. Students were not limited to this list and if they chose to do something different they just needed to get permission.

Classroom Agreement
Inappropriate for Projects
The Goal of the Projects: To allow students the opportunity to apply what they have learned about bullying and inform others in our school, community and the world. With the goal in mind, students are now creating and collaborating with each other while putting together a masterpiece that can be shared with the world. The students are really doing a great job of being creative and collaborating on these projects. Each student took a survey and then the class discussed the results. We want the project tailored to our students and what actually happens at ELC. Here are some pictures of the survey and brainstorming that went on before they were able to actually begin working on their projects: 
Survey Students Took

Survey Results
I am so excited to see the final projects. We will be sharing them with the world from our school's Facebook and Twitter accounts along with me posting to our blog. I think our students can be great advocates to end bullying. Here is our first step to help end the bullying that happens everyday in our society.

 More to follow......

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