Friday, December 20, 2013

TIES Reflection

WOW!!!! TIES was amazing! I recommend this conference to any teacher who wants to prepare our students for the FUTURE!

I learned so much and am now trying to figure out how to relay all the information to the staff and students at ELC.

Marc Prensky was one of the keynote speakers. While getting my master's we talked a lot about Marc Prensky. He talked about Future*Cation and Past*Cation. Many of our classrooms are preparing our students for the past when we should be preparing them for a future that is unknown. "The main way we understood the world was through reading. The main way today's kids understand the world is through TECHNOLOGY." Change is hard but it is imperative for our students that we change the way we teach. Many things to think about and I know it is not easy!

As the new year is upon us, I want you to know that I am very excited about the direction ELC is headed. Many great teachers with many great things to come!

iSummitMN is another great opportunity for you to learn more about the use of iPads in the classroom!

Techie Tuesdays and a new Google Group will be offered during 2nd semester to help with your own professional development! If you are interested let me know!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy the break!

Day 1 TIES Conference - Pre-Workshoop

Today I had the opportunity to attend a pre-conference workshop at the TIES conference in Minneapolis. My first workshop was Chrome & Chromebooks: The Teacher's Pets. Here is the link to the information presented by Angela & Eric.

I learned so much about the Chrome browser! There are so many apps and extensions to use with the browser to help create and share content. I will highlight some of favorite apps and extensions I learned about today.


1. 1 Click Timer Extension - On screen timer to use to keep yourself on schedule or your students.

2. Split Screen - Allows for you to have two different websites up at once.

3. Send this link with Gmail - Will send the URL of the webpage you are on from your Gmail account

4. ShortenMe - This extension shortens the URL and also gives you a QR Code.

Chrome Apps

1. Google Docs Template Gallery - has some templates you can use or you can create to share with students. (works with Google Drive)

2. Pixlr Editor - allows you to edit pictures (works with Google Drive)

3. VideoNotes - you can watch a video and take notes at the same time (works with Google Drive)

4. Move Note - allows you to video comment on student work

You can find all of these in the Chrome Web Store.

Let me know if you would like more information on any of these. Be sure to join the Google Group to learn more!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stop Motion Examples

I have had two examples emailed to me using the stop motion concept with the iMotion HD app on their iPads. See blog post from Thursday, November 21.

The first one two 3rd grade students created to show the relationship between division and multiplication:

The second comes from a Kindergarten classroom. The teacher created the stop motion video to introduce a book to the class:

Both are awesome! I would love to see your examples from our training! Please share!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013