Friday, November 8, 2013

New Tech High School ~ Sioux Falls, SD

Today I had the AMAZING opportunity to visit New Tech High School in Sioux Falls SD. This school is doing some really great things that help empower students. The students are involved in integrated classes that dive into real-world applications.

The school functions on Project Based Learning and work collaboratively in teams. As we toured the school, we saw students fully engaged in their projects. The technology was there but was integrated so well you barely noticed it. It served as a tool.

I believe there are many things that we can take away from this type of learning. 
1. Collaboration
2. Student ownership
3. Teacher as facilitator
4. Integrated classes
5. Real-world/Authentic Learning
6. Group Contracts
7. Critical Friends
8. Knows/Need to Knows
9. Likes/Wonders
10. Community Partners

As I think about building a school of my dreams, this school encompassed a lot of what I am passionate about; passion for learning, authentic, technology, student driven. 

What would your dream school look like?

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