Friday, November 1, 2013

1 to 1 Initial Conversation with Dr. Scott McLeod & Mr. Mike Anderson

I had a great discussion with two knowledgeable individuals on Friday; Dr. Scott McLeod and Mike Anderson both work at our AEA. As we begin to look at a 1 to 1 environment, it is important that we take the appropriate steps to do things right.

Our first step is to create a vision of what we want our 1:1 environment to look like and function like. This will be the driving force behind our decisions as we go along in the process.

Here are two questions our vision should answer:
1. Why have we chosen to implement a 1to1 program?
2. Does it tie in with our district mission?

Our vision should:

  • Provide Guidance
  • Be a Foundation of decisions
  • Inform our stakeholders
  • Articulate why and how 1to1 will lead to improvements
Here is a Tagxedo Word Cloud I have put together of keywords to be thinking about as we write our vision:

Do you have any words of wisdom for us as we begin our journey? I would love to hear from you!

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