Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Educreations App in the Classroom

One iPad in a classroom can be a great addition to your teaching. I had the pleasure of observing Mrs. Reeves (5th grade) teach her math lesson today. The objective today was Exponential Notation.

Mrs. Reeves uses Educreations (FREE iPad app) as her whiteboard. Her Apple TV is hooked up to her projector and then her iPad connects wireless to her Apple TV. A great advantage to this over a SmartBoard is her mobility. She was able to walk around the room and be sure that students were on task and understanding the concept.

There were times when she handed the iPad over to the students to solve a problem.

The students were given a worksheet to practice their exponential notation. Mrs. Reeves took a picture of the worksheet with the iPad and then pulled it up through Educreations. She was able to sample problems with her students using the same worksheet! So cool!

She also used an app called List Selector which is also FREE. This app allows you to generate random groups or select an individual student to call upon.

Lots of great things can be done with one iPad and an Apple TV.

Let me know if you would like to try any of these!

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